12 Meters of life

12 Meters of life

Installation, Travels, Spirituality, Birth, Fantasy / Visionary, Various materials, 400x16x20cm
Art for me is a way of understanding life, ourselves, and the temporary nature of everything with the interdependence of the universal order, which we are part of. The comprehending or conceiving seen as the opposite mental process of understanding in order to learn through our sensitivity. Conceve from the Latin - cum capere, that “to take fully, take in”, refers to the inner world through the process of comprehension - cum-prehendo “to grasp” replaced by psychology with the term empathy from the greek - empatéia, where en-," inside ", and pathos - “sensation” - “an inside sensation”. And consequently it "becomes" what you feel, what you do.
So: I take → I accept → I feel → I become.
This concerns both the artist that becomes the work itself during its creation, and the observer who transform in an artist when related to the work of art, and art becomes a mirror of his soul. Thus developing an inner sensitivity.

It all started when I went to live in a buddhist monastery in Japan, searching for an inner peace. I was walking around the streets with a small notebook in my pocket in order to take notes and to gather images from all that was surrounding me.
There was no concept, no initial project. There was only the necessity to tell what I was experiencing.
The story took the form of a diary. Every detail was important, everything had meaning and was substantial in my experience. Every word, every gesture, every sound and every image. My small notebook has transformed in "Leporello" type, a constantly growing folding book. With a size of the extended side to the "infinite" ...
A small diary, things found on the streets, spiritual teachings, calligraphies of the monks, my drawings and also their designs, phone numbers. Without judgment and without classifications. Accepting the manifestation of the secret order in the “casuality - randomness”, in the nature, in the universe.
In the process the things began to take shape. I stopped one day in front of it and saw an oval repeated on several pages. In the oval I find the embryo, the birth and the rebirth. Every day is a new life and every step is a new step in a new dimension. Every our cell reborns at every new moment.
"12 Meters of Life" is a story of my spiritual, philosophical and bodily experience, that has found space inside me for a new life and for a new beginning.

The length of the current work is around 12m. It is exposed horizontally on a support of approximately 4 meters in its slightly folded three-dimensional shape.

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3 years ago
Kalina Artist
grazie mille <3
Jacqueline Fritsche
3 years ago
Von Herzen ein Danke - fühle mich verbunden - wunderbarer Weg, sehr interessante Arbeit ;)
Maristella  Angeli
3 years ago
Maristella Angeli Premium Painter, Artist
Molto interessante: un viaggio dell'anima!

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