The unveiling of the Fragment

The unveiling of the Fragment

In my line of work I have to observe the changing climate and how everything around it is consumed: all things human, material and natural. As I focus on this receding form of nature I see that this process leaves behind minute traces or fragments of what was there before; it is a deveiling of retreating landscapes and materials.
Our co-existence with nature and with the material world generates unusual shapes, fragments that lived a fleeting past and that I would like to give a new form by re-using the relics that remain.
This work of art in particular, is made up of discarded fragments set aside while building my steel sculpures. I gathered them one by one in the belief that they were shaped by my unconcious and that for this reason, could be more suggestive than the original work.
This is the way a fragment is made use of again. These remnants have been taken out of their original context; as I intenitonally put them together again interweave them in a lacy and disaligned way on the wall, a new work is born.
I thus unveil a work of art where by diminishing the content, the minute details of the object an be clearly seen.

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3 years ago
FlowDown Artist
I do Really like this, I have not seen a display like this before

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