Digital Photography, Feelings, Landscape, Nature, Emotion, Mixed technique, 60x45x1cm
Tranquillity, estrangement, meditation, peace and quiet. “Empty” as a vacuum to be filled, as a wish of rebirth, prelude to a new beginning.
This work is the result of a catharsis performed by the artist at a particular time in his life, during which his only goal was to change habits, acquaintances and perhaps even himself. Inevitably putting this process into practice created a vacuum around him. This voluntary exile, permeated by loneliness, is evident in the shots in which emptiness is the dominant element.
The artist comes into direct, naked, intimate contact with nature, which becomes a mirror of his emotions and sensations. The use of light also participates in this melting and overlap game, making the scene surreal. So it loses sense the recognizability of the landscape because of the sensations it transmits, in front of the greatness and the power of nature.
Nature here is meant in a romantic sense, as a place where the soul can vent to its own melancholy, a place to reflect on their own anxiety, getting in touch with a higher and intimate dimension.
Barry's eye coincides, up to the point of being replaced, with the lens of the camera: what he observes and hit him is what is given to us. In this case, photography works both as a tool and as a language, becoming the best medium for this "sensation hunt".

Digital prints: Printed on cotton paper, white wood frame with ribs.
Analog prints: Polaroid “Image” format, Impossible PZ680 film.

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