paesaggio n.1-1914-1918

paesaggio n.1-1914-1918

Installation, Political / Social, Landscape, Minimal, Various materials, 400x400x200cm
By elaborating the course of a workshop on the performance art that was referred to World War I I worked on the form of the memory of the hecatomb of millions of fallen. One of the topos are the memorials builded at the time to give a place of pain to collective trauma. However, although memorials are a physical place for mourning, these represent, in the vast majority, the altars of the nation that have exalted and rhetorically accompanied the values of war: homeland, extreme nationalism, hatred for the enemy, Heroism on the battlefield and so on. This installation reflects on the concept of 'memorial' with a minimalistic formal outline by revising it and reviewing it from the perspective of a "social anatomy", inspired by a poem by the great political director Erwin Piscator who synthesizes the non-sense of mass extermination with the words "billions of lost love nights".

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