Leaves of vines (The Vinery)

Leaves of vines (The Vinery)

My favorite season to observe the vines is the autumn in Alsace. It gives me unparalleled joy and enthusiasm. Photography is part of my work and then digital art is put to the test for a recomposition or a new creation with accelerated rhythms, colors and shapes. A link with nature remains present and the light characterizes a need to transmit this ode to a long spiritual and artistic journey and the encounters between the wonders of creation and an inner world of research and reflection. This light grants the colors of life all their intensity.

Beyond the world, I let myself be grasped by the emotion I feel in the heart of the Vines of Alsace, I breathe the wind, the evening color, the light that gives them the brilliance of the sun, I enter in the happiness of my liberated gaze, transforming the aligned mountains and valleys of shimmering colors in multiple digital compositions in search of lyrical art, an abstraction close to the ultimate aesthetic purity. The work ignites curiosity, a detail is enough to disrupt the sense of perception. Colorful traits, scarcely sketched. Guided by the mind activating the digital composition, life is swarming out of reach from any narrative constraint.

Print on aluminum panel.

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