Victory of Samothrace-Love never dies

Victory of Samothrace-Love never dies

i painted queen victoria's face as described in her loved husband's vavourite portrait and i have set her innocent face on the body of victory of Samothrace . All this is painted in a quantum style in wich surfaces and shapes are deconstruted untill their cuantic intimate structure in which the basic plastic language elements are point line and stain , movement . All this describes the life in the most intisec dimention that of neutrones and protones, electrones photones etc....
The torso is painted as in an indian realistic sculpture in order to remind us of the famous indian writer and philosopher Maitrey who has risked her life writing the book ´Love Never Dies´
In most ancient cultures( japanese indian, greek etc) the word love which represents the sacred mistery that unites and make two become one is not pronunced because they had a superstition about it,,,, once pronunced the name of it the risk would be that it would dissapear in vain
This is why we do not have traditionally received a word with the meaning of it
This is also why i decided to give this name to this painting as a referention to the fact that a love story is a story about our imortality and beauty
Because like Dostoievsky said The Beauty will save the world , so let's believe that love art and beauty will save this world
Thank you for your patience and attention
with love,

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