To work the raw material, prepare the wood to be drawn, sometimes with a pencil, sometimes right with the gauges. To imagine the inverse, to play with stamp. Transcribe to the wood the idea and to know that the transcription will still not be the final work, just a part of it: the matrix. To choose the support to receive the printing: paper, fabric or another. To choose the type of the ink and the colors. The overall woodcut´s working process consist of creation and work on every step to finally reach the exact number of reproductions that was asked for or permitted by the matrix. And the reproductions are the only step of this work that people will see and maybe will tell them about all this conversation that we had until we get here.
The woodcuts “Renascimento” (Rebirth) and “Renascimento em Cores” (Rebirth in colors) are parts of an series of engravings that uses the drawing of the human anatomy to talk about transformation, a recurring theme on the artist’s work,. More specifically on this dipthyc, a simbology about the power of creation. The circular movement refers to the ways of the universe’s nature and the opportunity of the human being to recreate himself by following it’s flux.

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Paul Brotherton
2 years ago
Paul Brotherton Designer, Artist
Compliments on your beautiful woodcut engraving compositions.....
an interesting process and a fascinating series of works!

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