Fear, Anger, Disparage.

Fear, Anger, Disparage.

Painting, Illustration, Hate, Feelings, Emotion, Mixed technique, 210x100x1cm
Fear, Anger, Disparage.

This triptych(3*100*70) illustration-painting is inspired by my inner feelings during the last year after MS diagnosed. My life was full of unexpected things but this one breaks me, the first chapter was dealing with the fact and deep depression.
Later anger, I felt I leave with an empty gap and trapped, Dr. told me this time you may loose your speaking ability, I died several times of news cause everything was happening in my brain and I couldn't control it, just counting the dots in my MRI.
The last chapter was disparaging myself for asking my four years partner to think about our future considering my new situation and he dismisses it, I was abandoned on an island of sorrow.
The paintings have a salty and rough surface (the bitter life), I believe they will be gone during the time but the scars will always remain. (no fixation on top)
However, still some blue hope for my future.

-I illustrated my feelings, may people see the truth of the inner shadow and struggle of our situation covered by a smile ...

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