Villa Monteturli

Villa Monteturli

Villa Monteturli is a fifteenth-century villa, located in Florence. It accommodates 36 people heavily disabled. I started going to Monteturli in 2013. I’ve come to know the people who live in the structure and learnt how to deal with the psychological blow from our first meetings and the subsequent shockwave. I stood by them silently, shadowing their mildness, catching their enchanted looks. No drama to report. I transform them in talking faces, sculptures with powerful gestures, redeeming a tormented life measured by the rhythm of treatments and medicines, silences and tears. The central framing, the bare setting and the lacking of any reference to the hospital environment, the colours on the walls and the geometries allow a new way of looking at disability: a possibility, an uncontrollable variable of beauty and life, shaking up the ordinary features and perception of reality.

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