Absent Personae PostScript

Absent Personae imagines the end of history as an urban landscape being explored through the black body, its final labours spent deconstructing the urban environments which it was enslaved to produce.
The artists understand the fringe zones of post-industrial cities as emanating psychic and techno-social intensities which predict the future of the urban experience - combining material irrevocability with a ghostly non-existence.
Chris Boyd's video work takes up this theme, using data from the voice- and face-recognition technology to re-construct the persona via its traces.
The process of recording, writing, composition and communication in this collaboration has itself been distributed across zones in Birmingham Alabama, and Liverpool and Warrington the UK.
"The black body and its thankless labor ____ like ephemeral waste crusted over soupy, indecipherable degradations of voices from distant pasts oozing gorgeous harmonies of textual overflow and ____(broken link). The murky speculative technique of turning exaggerated faults into critically savvy parlays of formalized structures ____ (poeticize the 808/909) There is a machinate realism in the production of rituals in rubble. Storied steps once taken are conceivable only the speculative measures of movement as dance. There is a cybernetics in place when these leftover bodies interface with their new environment." [from DFBjr's notes]
This sound and video combination acts as the unconscious of The EVP Sessions, resonating with the sinister politics of pseudo-science histories, while speculating on the future for an electro-vocal persona distributed among the network.
A quote from the publication the Wire:
" Absent Personae imagines a ghostly, formerly enslaved black avatar exploring a post-industrial landscape. The images in the film are inspired by traces from voice and facial recognition technologies."

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