Meditation sheet, Furth, Bavaria

Meditation sheet, Furth, Bavaria

By creating a new name: „meditation sheet“ instead of hunter's sheets, I also change the significance of these sheets, giving these buildings a new meaning and a new perspective to look at them or to use them.
They can be much more than a place for the hunt and hunters observations.
They could be used to meditate and find some rest and peace in nature, or use them differently as i suggest with some other titles I gave the paintings. for example: „Lover' s sheet“, „mobile love carriage“, or „a place for lover's grief“, „private star observatory“, „children's playground“ , „a place to hide“, or „a place to rent“ and so on.

I located sheets like these from Croatia over Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria,Germany, Italy and France and so I mainly name them after the place where i saw them.
I also started to paint sheets that people sent me as photographies from their places.

For me it is interesting to offer the viewer of my paintings a new way to see something. with a different perspective than before.
And I like the idea that these sheets, that are placed in nature as half-public architectural „buildings“ are used now, in new affairs.

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