Campo 17-Vite in transito

Installation, Travels, Memory, Freedom, Happiness, Various materials, 100x100x50cm
Camp 17. History and stories of the UNRA camp
This series of photographs have been taken in the Displaced people camp of Grugliasco, Where from 1945 to 49 the camp hosted more than 2000 people mostly jewish escaped from Shoah and lost all their families, there they could start again, ..I met some of these people and this camp meant starting life again with hope, and love, In the camp there is a place called the wedding ground and it's where they got married and many children were born during that time, I think that the memory of this camp it's very inspiring, men can make terrible things but they are also capable of great generosity the small village of Grugliasco (5000 inhabitants) welcomed more than 2000 profuges, this for our current world is a message of hope . History makes sense when is shared.
an old letter the link with the past, the search for the future.
stones are memory of the death and sign of eternity
suitcases are the idea of transitory lives

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