Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

I took this photo of my reflection on old plastic hanging on the wall of a derelict Building with a Samsung phone. I had previously supervised the Construction of the Building and due to the recession the building wasn't finished. I had not worked for a number of years due to no work in the construction industry and I also suffered from ill health due to chronic fatigue . My health has improved a bit and I got a job with a different construction company and by coincidence I am back on the same construction site 10 years later . While climbing up the 10 flights of stairs I saw what looked like a 3 d reflection of myself on the old plastic hanging on the wall which we had put up 10 year's earlier to protect the building. Like my reflection its easy to feel like a robot or get depressed, but it's good to be able to work. And you should remember that if you look closely enough at everything you will see art everywhere.

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