The Cock Dance

The video is the result of a investigation around topics concerning society and human life. Starting from repressed impulses, creativity and spontanaity, to body language and primitive and popular cultures.
It is the recording of a live improvized performance conversation displayed in Shoreditch Church in April 2017.
In the conversation six different roles are played by 4 performers, by the public and by the church: Menocchio, a 15th hundred muller, the popular western culture representor; a listener and producer of sounds; a body language communicator; a true real person; the Western culture representor( the Church); and the empty chair. This last role, acquire by the Psychodrama practice,could be taken by anyone ( including a member of the public).
The video, the only proof of the existence of the performance becomes a 40 minutes documentation which analyze and rise up questions about aspects of our lives and behaviours inside Western society.

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