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Room Projects

Installation, Travels, Spirituality, Nature, Architecture, Various materials, 157x215x4.8cm
About "Room Project"

This project starts from personal assumption of “Mind Room”. Most of my works start from supposition that people have their own mind room and they want to fill this room unconsciously. Personally, I think Individual’s identity depends on what they put inside of this room. So, this project ranged from my own mind room to others mind room. Yet, here, I will show two works, which depends on my own mind room, ‘Beyond Wall’ and ‘Mind Room’. These projects are answer of a question, “What I fill in mind room?"

Beyond wall is the most recent work and portrait of my spirit. While I work it, I am influenced by artist Richard Moses, philosopher Martin Heidegger. “Mind room” is literally shows what exists in side of my mind room. I tried to find the way to be figurative art to clear my imagination but also evoke audiences’ imagination. In this work, I was impacted by artist Ansel Adams, and some quotes from bible.

I used to work unconsciously with the concepts of space and self-ego. However from road-trip California in 2013, I became more conscious. Through travel around national parks and the landscape around the road of America, I faced the sublime beauty of nature and foreverness of time. Huge landscape brought me metaphysical feelings and it helped me to figure out that spirit lives inside of my mind. After this experience, I tried to convey this visual impact with figurative images.

Beyond Wall

I made Beyond Wall after the works of “Mind room”. Install zincs on the ceiling makes me a question, What is installation? How can I show 3 dimensional concept to 2 dimensional image?

‘Beyond Wall' starts from Graphic works and ends with installation. I tried to show specific images of outside and inside coincidentally. Similar but different images bring narrative in-between themselves. I used photograph which I took during travel around Europe. To build three dimension idea into flat image, I needed image of architectural structures. While I researched spiritual architecture, I found out representative work of Le courbieger named Notre-Dame du Haut. The thickness of wall and composition of windows gave me an interest in function of window and beauty of it. Out-side and in-side can linked through window, also light streamed through it. After that I created images through collaging photographs of sky and window to reify inside of my mind. To show sublimeness of nature, I made frame which is lager than human average size.

Mind Room

The work named ‘Mind Room’ is the first work of Room Project series, using printmaking method. I tried to figure out the feeling from California road trip, and moreover, I tried to find out the shape of my own Spirit. When I think about image of spirit, it is non-shape and has continuous movement itself. I got inspired from grand scale of nature, so I choose one of the nature element ‘Cloud’ to express the foreverness of spirit and landscape. Also, I inspired by Ansel Adams' photographs from Gallery in Yosemite during traveling Yosemite park. I proceed my work to use natural materiality to express the power of nature.

This work starts to exteriorise idea in graphic method. I re-construct the image of cloud in photoshop and crop to 4 images, this is because of making the basic shape of room, which is composed with 4 sides. Then, I decided to display plates themselves to show zincs materiality. Photo-etching was the most effective among printmaking skills to show this materiality. One of features of photo-etching is that the image has to be converted into small dots. When it is carbonised and is put ink on the plate, small dots become to get different texture and power. Through this skill, composed 4 different images got strong image of cloud but also image of explosion. I installed these plates on the ceiling to make audiences to walk around 4 sides and feel the abstract shape of room itself.

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