Out of the darkness

Out of the darkness

"Out of the darkness" is an art work that talks about the overproduction of the same object. There are people out there who are being overworked, being paid even least than the minimum wage with the aim to produce these "objects" that we are using, wearing, etc. During the process I decided to put myself to produce all these flowers, working 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday, during the first month, to latter on, during the second month, have to work more than 8 hours per day from Monday to Monday in order for me to finish the work. So, I could say that it is political, touching on the mindless tedium of so much labour. The material used to make them is tropical paper, that comes from the amazon, from the deforestation. besides, It is about colour and photographic reproduction. On the other hand, as an artist, it also talks about leaving the dark moment I was going through, where for me everything was on black color, for the moment when you can feel yourself alive again and everything becomes color. It is to me the cycle that every human being has to go through. Our eternal never ended process of life. It is just a circle that goes from the black to the colour and comes back again over and over. My fake flowers in a fake estate. My love that cannot grow up, but can't die either. It is a total of 1500 pieces.

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