Mortal Jump

Mortal Jump

Mortal Jump:
A series of ten paintings inspired in sketches made in one of the last Circus spectacles located in the street General Velásquez intersected with Alameda, Santiago, Chile. That ground that was commonly used for circus was sold to a building company. This building company will probably construct a white huge Miami style building with palm trees, which has nothing to do with Chilean culture. This painting series emerges by the need of inquiring and communicating how with globalization we start loosing or culture. Is kind of sad, but in a society each day more capitalist, it’s more profitable to put Miami style buildings or Malls, than encouraging cultural activities. This paintings under the supervision of Cristián Abelli painter between October 2015 and September 2016.
It is going to be presented at my solo exhibition 'The Fragility of Culture in a Disposable World' at the Gallery of the Central Library at Leeds between the 24th of August and 14th of September of these year.

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