expulsion from paradise

expulsion from paradise

“Sustainable development is a normative and highly ethical concept per se. In dealing with issues such as inter- and intragenerational justice, the value of cultural diversity, or gender equity, it provides an ethical perspective which drives the global imperative of changing our current patterns of production and consumption” (UNESCO, 2015).
Notably, the artistic approach to sustainability sets into motion the reexamination of living conditions in the areas of “third world,” which supply raw foodstuffs to the globalized “world market” for the benefit of the “first world,” or of the effects of “climate change” to present and future biological and social systems. So we are talking about fairness, isn´t it? A discussion on sustainability also means investigating the question of why “we” Europeans consider living sustainably such a challenge. The current way of living, including ethics, such as the belief in a steadily growing market economy, the necessity of constant consumption, or the desire for so-called supermarkets, seems to hinder us from reaching a fair way of living.

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