Dominoes' mektoub

Dominoes' mektoub

Mektoub literally meaning “written” in Arabic, is often used as a way of saying “it is inscribed” or “it is meant to be”.

Dominoes’ tiles when understood for their content and not their form seek to reach collateral connections by understanding their own dual nature. They construct a community web where each tile is a part of the global structure balance. One tile own unbalance reach closer to probability of numeration equilibrium through connections. The fragility of the balanced harmony allows a breach instant of creative tension.
Dominoes could be here understood as humans, forming and shaping the structure of a community, allowing the architecture to support them instead of shaping them.
Surrendering to what is meant to be, — a powerful moment of tension understanding one tile duality, allowing the creation of consequential movement (fan), form (pattern of the embroidery) and colour (red + blue = purple).

Dominoes’ mektoub seeks to question urban segregative architecture and highlight the power of community-based societal structure.

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