“Seeking Transparency”

“Seeking Transparency”

The concept of transparency is depicted here on a painting format using text to emphasise the object, in this case the written text ‘THE TRUTH’ uses human hair as a base of reality seen through a transparent ‘Clean Film’.
Then the same painting exposed to a UV light source will reveal a further text written at the bottom as ‘IS A LIE’
The completed text will read then:
In our current contemporary times, when social and news media channels divert from reality with alternative facts and fake news, more than ever transparency is questioned in what we perceive as news and information, seeking transparency between reality and non-reality without bridging in any philosophical ideologies of what reality actually is.
If we see or perceive something and remember it, then is that real?
If we don’t perceive the uv text doesn’t mean is not there, and if we perceive it in our imagination, does it mean is not real?
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And if you read this up to here, thanks for your interest, as well if it happens to be Fatos herself, then I must day, I’m terribly sorry I missed your talk on Saturday the 8 of July, I so wanted to ask what it takes to be selected in this prize?..
Keep up the good work.

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francesca furin
3 years ago
Molto bella!!!!
3 years ago
5537 Artist
Thank you, I appreciate it, we are living very interesting times indeed. ;-)
3 years ago
robolotion Artist
Brilliant symbolism. Yes, the truth is often hidden behind a veil.
Transparency of global players, such as big companies and politicians, is a current and urgent issue.
Good luck with the contest!

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