Macá de Atitlán (Podilymbus gigas)

Macá de Atitlán (Podilymbus gigas)

Painting, Political / Social, Philosophy, Nature, Death, Mixed technique, 80x110x5cm
We can be certain of two things, The first is that the consequences of our circumstances are owed to three factors: biological, social and environmental. The second is that we are all going to die.

This painting is part of a series called “Extinct”. Each work of art has the name of an extinct species. In some cases, the art reflects names of living species that are in great danger of extinction. Using the number of specimens left on this planet, it is translated into a human skull(s).

Why human skulls? Because as foreseen from the first paragraph, all species are eventually going to become extinct--the aftermath of those three factors, of which humans use to only have an influence on the second, the social, but end up with their hands altering the first and third as well.

In this specific work called “Macá de Atitlán (Podilymbus gigas)”, it is a tribute for the non flying bird that became extinct in 2004 due to overfishing, tourism and an earthquake that took place in the Atitlan Lake located in Guatemala. Two different surface materials were used. The first and focal point is a square mirror where a skull was formed by a distorted huichol pattern. The pattern was transferred with the help of alcoholic emulsions and gold acrylic paint. The second material is a flat 110x80cm piece of plywood painted matte black.

I chose a mirror since reflections work as a reaction to what's in front. This allows the work to take anyone that is in front of it and make it a part of the series, for reflections acknowledge the viewer’s presence, giving each mirror image influence. The texture of wood then acts as a generator of ambiance; it sets the tone and direction of the interaction.

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