Working Mom

Working Mom

Despite all progress made, women, in particular when having families, still often are not treated. In a world that measures everything in money, the service of giving life should be immeasurably valuable. The "service" of whom is more valuable: that of someone wearing a suit who shifts virtual assets all day, assisting in the destruction of everything that is good and beautiful, running people and entire countries into debt traps - even suicide, or the "service" of a mother as a source of life? Who is more adorable? And - who is valued higher and hence paid better in our world?

Who we pay what is telling a whole lot. About who and what we are or have become. In a hospitals the Nurses do not get the highest payments. Neither do the Dr.s. It's the so-called managers. Administrators. Even there. Health - life - is turned into in industry. The logics of the machine has put the world upside down. The purpose of life is to create money. A child is seen as a financial burden, the costs it causes create an expanding market, it already is a consumer, may be a future financial asset, and school will turn it into a well greased daisy wheel of the machine. Welcome to Earth, little naked ape!

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