La Natura vince sempre #2

La Natura vince sempre #2

Painting, Plants , Landscape, Nature, Beauty, Industrial paint / Glaze enamel, 90x115x4cm
The pictorial work "Nature always wins" represents a spaceless and timeless image. A dark, dark background apparently devoid of light and hope is illuminated by a natural element. A florid and lush tree is born, nourished and grows in a commonly used sack to collect waste. This blend of symbols apparently so far apart, is to symbolize that, despite the current ecological disaster, the power of Nature prevails above everything else.
Enamel on canvas,2017, 115 x 90 cm

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steven smith
1 month ago
I really like your work! Thank you for sharing. Smile.
steven smith
1 year ago
This is a lovey portrait of a beautiful tree! Smile.

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