(The) Boy from Homs

(The) Boy from Homs

The painting aims to depicts a psychological landscape of a young refugee whom the painter encounter and develop friendship with in Germany. The motif is reduced to include only the face of the sitter. The art of Portraiture has been largely tied to the notion of power, wealth and celebriti-ism of the depicted face indicating certain kind of superiority that enabled them to afford an artist to paint a portrait of them. In this particular work, the artist aims to bring forth foremost the humanity of the art of portraiture.

The sitter of the portrait, who have just recently arrived in Germany, after fleeing his war-torn hometown Homs, a city in Syria, deal with obstacles that any other person would when settling to a new unknown country. In this Portrait, we are uncertain if he is turning his head towards us or away from us. A portrait that aims to capture the complexity of being a refugee, a young refugee.

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Richard Devonshire
3 years ago
Great Work

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