The subsequent drubbing, literally and metaphorically, aimed at women unfortunately still a reality. It is a daily routine for my home country, which is shared with millions of women around the world. Total ignorance from the government, misunderstanding and ridicule, and above all discrimination - are just some of the factors that women's have to deal with. Fighting for your rights and equality sounds like the absurdity of the 21st century, but unfortunately it is still going on! When political power crosses the boundaries of oppression, the place of attempts to engage in dialogue is replaced by radicalism. Permanent protest against unsuccessful attempts at communication is a testimony of the whole body, which is an act of disagreement over the whole socio-political situation that affects women. The ubiquitous area of suffering and disagreement is the result of the lack of respect for the fundamental human rights principles that the guerrilla warfare of the government is leading to.
All these times that a woman must take harm not only her body but also her interior, leaving a lasting and incurable traumatic marks on her soul. In view of the current injustice, it is not only the struggle of each woman, but the socio-political struggle, which seems to have no end. Women live in constant fear and anxiety, prepared daily for the worst, because they are not safe in media space, neither public nor home.
We, women, will not be incapacitated and we will fight for each one of us,
Stroke for the right to decide about yourself and your own body
Stroke for equal treatment
Stroke for the struggle for fundamental human rights
Stroke against discrimination
Stroke for the victims of rape and sexual harassment
Stroke for justice
Stroke -for being a woman

We cursed women have enough but we will survive!

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