Part I/Bugged out

Part I/Bugged out

A dynamic composition in which I decided to use a multitude of elements and powerful colors to create the effect of motion and tension. The painting has the audience's attention to the child's comic situation "traumatized" by the grotesquely presence of the rabbit man.The painting is a part of the last series with everyday situations filtered through a ironic perspective All based on elements of various culture and bizarre habits of the human people.

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john marl
1 month ago
john marl Artist
I like this painting. In general, my favorite artworks are in post-Impressionism style, like Couple Riding by Kandinsky. Such works inspire me to write and help students with their essays. The play of colors makes me stop and turn on my imagination. Thanks for sharing with us

John Marl
Writer at
Flyer Art Gallery
3 months ago
Arthur Daniel Pop
3 months ago
Bella questa ^^
Theathev (Alina Petre)
3 months ago
Thank you!
Mike Garcia (tagapagmasid)
3 months ago
Mike Garcia (tagapagmasid) Premium Artist, Painter, Sculptor

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