Penelope's white wall

Penelope's white wall consists of a performance which explores gestures in relation to duration. One hour before the sunset, every day for an hour , Penelope paints the wall. The surface is never dry and the wall can't be completed in its construction. The ancient house remains accessible to the traveller.

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Patrick Smith
9 months ago
tools aside..compliments and congratulations Maria!
donatoarcella ( spazi.Lolli )
11 months ago
Bellissimo concetto classico ! Si... bisogna avere gli strumenti ! Ma lo scenario è tutto relativo al concetto temporale dell'attesa di Penelope. Ottimo confronto tra il mito e il contemporaneo.
paul ryan
11 months ago
paul ryan Painter
Fabio Colasante
11 months ago
incomprensibile per chi non possiede gli strumenti adeguati
Patrick Smith
12 months ago
Over 50 years ago a Canadian guy called McLuhan proclaimed that “the medium was the message” talking about mass media like TV. Is this what is said here? Thus we should focus on a blank canvas rather than what is created as art on the canvas? This sounds a contrived perversion as nothing will be painted on it until it dries…which is never since it is continuously repainted. It may follow that there IS NOTHINGTO PAINT, or perhaps nothing new, or we await something new to paint…which would be a pretty cynical judgment of art (but perhaps that’s the point).
Giuseppe Trapasso
1 year ago
Arte incomprensibile..

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