Installation, Emotion, Wood, 150x80x60cm
How to truly transcend the object making use of this same object?
Redrafting it materially on its three-dimensionallity, beginning by destroying it. Removing the uniqueness, functionality (if have it), form, especially design, etc., aiming for a debugging until the most important thing is completely removed, the intelligibility.
In this case, in spite of the described erasing of this chair, the pieces remaining are wood pieces that already had an arrangement and that preserve the memory of the whole of which they were part. They belong.
Even though I am convinced that the whole is certainly more than the sum of its parts, I aspire that the reordering of a sum of parts can unveil things that the WHOLE hides. This piece is, like other sculptures of mine, an attempt to draw without design, which seems a contradiction but it's not. Art is all about it I guess. This chair is rather a drawing after destroing and returning to zero but conserving memories of relationship between parts. A kind of an almost Ready Made.

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Antonio Mercadante
2 weeks ago
Chi è creativo stabilisce un rapporto ambiguo con la realtà che lo circonda in quanto, anche se facente parte di essa, ne modifica l'intensità creando mondi, suoni,forme che altrimenti non esisterebbero quindi... in qualche modo le disobbedisce. Un po' come un ragazzino che al contrario di quanto gli dica la mamma prende la sua bici e va alla scoperta...

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