Experimental techniques, soft-ground, aquatint, etching on Graphia paper.

Technology has become a key component of the contemporary world.
Machines and and increasingly elaborate electronic devices are firmly ingrained in our daily lives and have embedded themselves in the surrounding environment, in an ever-changing manner where one seems to be unable to transcend without the other.
As if a mutal alliance that tends toward the development of both has taken place.
In this chalcographic work elements of organic and mineral extraction lose the purity that typically defines them, and turn into hybrid figures halfway between futuristic machines and ancient devices. Hardware fragments communicate with elements of archaic nature. It's an organic ensemble that looks forward, projected into a future dimension that opens itself to change and improvement: in this way nature and technology merge together inside this galactic backdrop.
The various components therefore stop following a static protocol, and are instead arranged according to independent guidelines that extend their meaning based on the perception of the viewer. In this way the various figures impose themselves as hidden symbols of modern culture.

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