From Now to Then

From Now to Then

‘From Now to Then’ (2014) consists of 50 self portraits sitting down in almost complete darkness while he is being exposed in front of a camera. Each photographs in the work has taken an hour of exposure time to be produced and therefore 50 hours of meditative process was taken to make the whole work. While the process of contemplation provides depth to the conceptual aspects of the work, the thoughts incarnate into visual forms and become an artwork itself.

Each photograph in ‘From now to Then’ shows a distorted human figure due to the characteristics of the long exposure photography. It captures the flow of time instead of instant moment. Producing works that is related to time has always been my interest as I believe it is one factor which has powerful influence on an individual and humanity. Although everyone knows Epicurus claimed that moments of solitude is necessary for an individuals well-being, one often forgets the importance and thus does not take time of oneself. And I often think the world has almost became scared on the idea of being alone. In this work I especially wanted to put an emphasis on the importance of solitude and how precious one’s own memory and experience is.

(The Image above is consists of exhibition and a detailed view of the work.)

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