„UNSEEN INSTANTS“ Volunteer Journal (publication, newspaper print, 44 color images, text, 64 pages, 370x285mm) Awarded with Hugo Roelandt Prize 2017- Nominated for Horlait-Dapsens and STRT Schot Prize 2017) “In November 2015, the day after the violent shootings in Paris, I sat on a subway car in Germany in fear and shock, expecting a bomb to go off any minute. As I looked out of the window I saw a giant billboard advertising for a thriller book: “ANGST” Nothing had physically happened to me or anyone I know, yet the all of a sudden: I had become a victim.” „But where there is danger, a rescuing element grows as well“ Friedrich Hölderlin In February 2016 german artist Birgit von Bally was one of the many young adults, to join an international humanitarian network helping refugees stranded in Greece. She followed and worked with numerous groups, Hot Spots and organisations in the 14 months after her first visit. Working as a photographer for charity and press occasions she chose an Instant Camera to capture her personal perspective on the crisis. Her nostalgic, calm photographs are offering a different approach to the well told tale we recognize from newspapers.


-Volunteer Diary (publication, 44 color images, text, 64 pages, 370x285mm)

-Political Landscapes ( wallpapers, 3x2.20m, installation)

-Moving Wall (Text on Wall, Markers)

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