After the period of Rebus(2009-2015) questioning of "who we are", in the following research under the name of Transitions(2015-present), gets the answer- "WE ARE ALL ONE".
In fact, previously visible dots, painted in different colors are now united and seem to dissappear by using only one color. Minimal in their appearance, but united by their structure, like all units would be joined by an invisible net. At the same time it has gained its structure just as saying that it has developed in space and now becomes more powerful coming out from 2dimensions into 3dimensions. Very delicate and without being intrusive-the seeing eyes will see and hearing ears will listen.
This miniature artwork represents previously initiated idea : from the smallest to the biggest.
There is an ultimate need of being conscious and aware of events that happen to us. We have to keep an eye on what surrounds us that is being created and what is our reaction to it.
(In the end, there is a vicious circle of events that eternally concentrate in the Energy.)??
Just as at the end the only thing that everything came from and will eternally remain is the Energy.
Importance and ultimate need of being aware and conscious of circumstances that happen around us, vibe we create and how we react to the external events.
In the end everything start from energy and will eternally remain is Energy.

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