Aria is part of TRAMA project.
It is born as an installation but Aria also has a strong performance power.

3. Aria / Air

The artist investigates into the deep wounds of being and explores the complex universes close to emotional spheres. Blowing around the memories and family dynamics seeking the sweet heaviness of blood ties. Manifests the need to shape the elusive essence of the body: soul and breath: father and mother. Through his father's signature revisits the breath: florid and interrupted. From her mother’s signature gathers the soul: rebel and irregular. The elaboration exercise of the artist is the crossing of an absent rhythm, an altered beat of a silent body: a contemporary electrocardiogram made of Aria. She lays naked to organize the rounded geometries of human being. The breath (father) blends with the soul (mother) and becomes tangible, a visible body, caress.

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