Solo dolore - Only pain

Solo dolore - Only pain

Digital Graphics, Work, Political / Social, Landscape, Death, Computer graphics, 120x170x5cm
Only pain.

Acre air of sulfur, hot vapors, flames. This is the infinite hell of Taranto, the city that brings to stage the death and pain. Here all ask forgiveness of Christ with votes of bodily penance, but no mercy comes from God or from the men. The death has become an endless agony and Christ wears the antigas mask while prolonging his passion in this piece of "Paradise" transformed into "Hell" by the greed of few.

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3 years ago
robolotion Artist
Impressive, scary apocalyptic scenario. At some locations it has already become true.
Teresa Palombini
3 years ago
E' un'opera intensa, che colpisce.
Parla di una realtà drammatica di "alcuni" dimenticata molto spesso da "molti".
Paul Brotherton
3 years ago
Interesting text.... and great artwork!
3 years ago
Nicci Artist, Designer, Painter
Great work, Gianni! Best of luck, dear friend :-)

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