Painting, Ideas, Philosophy, Human figure, Erotic, Mixed technique, 125x187cm
Rodrigo Blanco interprets the human body as a meaning story: a story that seems to have stopped in our
contemporaneity, is not evolving, but in constriction: without expression or depth. His work, therefore, is about
liberating this body, are at the center of its reflection: mutations, metamorphoses, transfigurations, which not only
concern the human being, but also objects, biology, technology, science, genetic engineering that man It has
generated: chairs, tables, hats, pipes, computers, monitors, network and internet cables, etc., these elements are
incorporated by generating new posthuman forms, new creatures free and suspended above matter.
Where does art installation end and where does video art begin? Where does avant-garde theater end and where
performative art begins? Blanco works at the boundaries: of the human body, of the connective network, of space,
of time, of color; Force them by experimenting with multiple expressions, going beyond the objective reality
beyond matter, beyond the aesthetic concept, in another dimension.
Ectoplasms, fractals, pluricellularial organisms, become genetically modified proteomic sculptures with synthetic
grafts, take shape infinitely, becoming mutants, becoming a new human species.
Some of these creatures are curious, other disturbing, and others ironic: monstrous beings, try to lead a life similar
to that of man, made of gestures, behaviors, attitudes, but most of the times are clumsy, because of their abnormal
and disorganized conformation. These new creatures become ridiculous, embedded in the telematic network and
everyday objects, they assume they can dominate and possess things.
"Not always what is coming is progress" (A. Manzoni), technology is incorporating man by transforming it into
one with the ether and bringing it into a new timeless dimension. Blanco describes our contemporaneity by
bringing us into the dimension of a new homo sapiens, the homo sapiens of the 21st century, an asexual
supernatural, androgynous, where the male part and the female part merge without distinction.
The artist uses monochromatic color, yellow is dominant, it is the color of sun and light, has the power of
germination, in mythology the hot sun rays are considered life generators as in the Greek myth of Danae. Yellow
is also a danger, the color of the mind is not glossy, madness. In his works, therefore, yellow is the creation of a
new life, but a new crazy, abnormal and unbalanced life. Blanco's man is in fact a philosophical concept: he is a free
man, he overcomes everything that is order, is a man free from traditions, religions, social rules, certainty, fear of
death, accepting to go as well as being known by developing one's own identity. This kind of Man, is able to create
a new starting point for another existence, which begins on the threshold of a new Future.known by developing
one's own identity.
Paola Gennari

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