Nessun verso! Se la rassegnazione può essere serena!?

Nessun verso! Se la rassegnazione può essere serena!?

The painting wants to represent a period long 14 years made of conflicts in theme of justice and ideology . It wants to underline how strengthen is the power of some social classes that influence the choices of common people and how difficult is for them come to a really objective and conscious choice.
The first part of the painting, clear and surreal, wants to represent the effort, both negative and positive results and the inclination for an optimistic future with all the possible brightness.
The second part of the painting is a personal image related to the past; the buildings that contain the decency, equilibrium and impartiality which supposed to be straight like the values that they hold are deliberately transverse considering the difference between the correct though of the institutions and what actually they do, from here the title ‘no way up’.
The woman, or the central spirit of the painting, push again to obtain clarity but the energy and determination have left space just to the exhaustion of the time and to a though of a peaceful resignation.
Finally, there’s no conclusion, a part of a constant though to those people which have already walk throughout this route and for who will begin, having the ability, support and force to survive at this time.

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Teresa Palombini
3 years ago
Bell'opera dal significato complesso ed intenso.
Complimenti e auguri!!

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