Possibility Days

Possibility Days

Painting, Beauty, Human figure, Spirituality, Acrylic, 46x33cm
My research is focused on the figure, the bodies and gestures.
At the center of my painting there are movement and expression and it is from these that
ideas and projects come to life.

I work mainly in black and white because of my love for drawing, proceeding with very watery acrylic color,
which allows me to have a more vibrant brushwork.
I let the figures a bit faded and blurred so that they can reveal their inner life,
trying to give back their strenght with the rhythm of the signs.
My characters are caught in the glimpse between dream and reality or in moments of deep truth.

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Paul Brotherton
2 years ago
Paul Brotherton Designer, Artist
Compliments on your artistic technique, your series of paintings are distinctive and stylish....
this piece in particular is beautiful:)

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