L'assenza - alla luce del ricordo  (Absence - in the light of the memory)

L'assenza - alla luce del ricordo (Absence - in the light of the memory)

Digital Photography, Memory, Digital, 30x40cm
I was 12 when I first met Molly, the main character of the final chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses. She was Piera degli Esposti, a marvellous italian actress, playing Molly in the Bologna’s theatre where my mother brought me. Un indelible encounter. In that period I began to take photographs. It was only many years later that I fully grasped the connection with Molly, when the desire to convey interior life through images became the centre of my work as a photographer.
In 2011 I began my work, my journey into James Joyce’s text and Molly’s character. First the adaptation, then a stage reading, followed by a full play for the Festival di Spoleto and, in 2016, the short I presented at the last Venice Film Festival.
Through cinema, images have been added to the representation of interior life, crowded with voices and words, and crossed by visions evoked and evocative. A natural and necessary development.
For the objetctive narrative plan, the one following Molly in her bedroom, I chose to shoot in a house with wax painted wall, old from the 40s and never touched ever since. A surface which wasn’t a wall, but a world; changing, crossed by a deep crack.

This project I'm submitting is the latest (but maybe not last) step in journey with Molly . When I was told that Molly’s house had been sold, I came back, to greet her.

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chiara caselli
2 years ago
chiara caselli Photographer
grazie di cuore gianpaolo!
Giampaolo Cataudella
2 years ago
sono molto belle le tue foto.....le pareti in pietra intonacate, fessurate dal tempo e dall'usura, e gli oggetti che hai posto, rievocano frammenti di esistenze mai vissute..brava

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