Esercizi Obbligatory (Compulsory Exercises)

Esercizi Obbligatory (Compulsory Exercises)

We accept the world as it is presented to us and we adapt to it. From here
My inquiry and observation of physical and mental constraints and of the
Consequent limitation of the individual in society, which transforms the body from
Subject to object. Body control is a fundamental variable in regimes
dictatorial. The functionality of the body, its workout, its efficiency, the body
Learning how to perform date and built functions and actions. The individual does not
(Is) more body, but possesses a body. And by the physical individual the human being is
Transforms into numerical, collective, material, becomes object.
Narratively, we observe an unspecified but familiar family nucleus and
Redundant, staging the ordinary, the familiar as a bridal party
Permanent body. The scene is a dreamlike and symbolic projection of thought
unpronounceable. In bourgeois approval there is the cancellation of non-diversity
Only in thought but also in bodies, as they are all alike, and identifiable in theirs
Archetypal nature only through the single action within the scene.

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