Equilibri dinamici / Dynamic balance

Equilibri dinamici / Dynamic balance

"Dynamic balance"

It is not computer graphics, the multicolored vortex is executed with markers with a self-built mechanism, a video is available in my Celeste bulletin board. The rest is acrylic paint.

Inspirational thinking
By looking at and studying heavenly wonders, man never ends up questioning. Much is still to be discovered, of course, that the whole universe and life itself is governed by sometimes even mysterious balances and dynamics, as some ancient works of our planet are wrapped up by the mystery.

Critic by Alberto Pempinelli;
each artist lives in a complex way in the origin of his own inspiration. Sergio Oddone, who we can define a late artistic vocation, has sought, in a very personal way, to explore the origins of life, ideas and feelings. His technical training has certainly influenced him, for many years he has been engaged in the study of parables, mathematical functions and technical design.
Incredibly, starting from the cold geometry of abstract shapes, he graphically realized the idea of ​​God's existence as was also hypothesized by St. Tommaso d’Aquino. He believed that the origin of the movement, the only property that originated the creation, was God. From God the movement and the existence.
Mutatis mutandis in the dimension of Sergio Oddone, in his works, the origin of everything is represented by a complex of vortexes of lines that moving in a unique but indecipherable way give rise to existence.
So it is mysterious for us to understand the why of the existent, the works of the artist are so unrepeatable.
His works have the predominant shape of a vortex that is materialized and materialized in a real form. Meaning that the unknowable transforms and gives birth to a recognizable quid.
This should not look like a pseudoliterary artifact but as an attempt to understand the beginning and the end of our existence.

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