Installation, Religion, Spirituality, Technological, Video installation, 100x200x10cm
The work aims to analyze the theme of “the current state” desecrating the concept of “immutable”.
8 screens are arranged in the form of a crucifix - symbol and archetype of eternal and sacred - but in which arms, heads, toraces, legs, build a new one: the result is a remix of contemporary content made by the people in front, swiping images on the screen (the most “natural” gesture). So they can construct their own Jesus and consequently their own work. The “current state” is the contrast and the caos, the inner struggle inspired us from the contemporary smartness, the rejection and the acceptance of it, the opposition between the matter and the virtuality, between web and religion. The “current state” is “the-state-of-the-art”, that from this point of view becomes an observation on times and ways of the actual Homo Faber, that is not anymore Homo Sacer (judged by gods), but it brings upon him the scars and the nails of his progress. The actual Homo Faber has become God and re-writes, personalizes, customizes everything, in his "own image".

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Antonio Mercadante
3 years ago
Chi è creativo stabilisce un rapporto ambiguo con la realtà che lo circonda in quanto, anche se facente parte di essa, ne modifica l'intensità creando mondi, suoni,forme che altrimenti non esisterebbero quindi... in qualche modo le disobbedisce. Un po' come un ragazzino che al contrario di quanto gli dica la mamma prende la sua bici e va alla scoperta...

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