ricerca_d_identitò corpi

ricerca_d_identitò corpi

Digital Photography, Human figure, Mixed technique, 90x90cm
search_for_identity (bodies)
80x80 (triptych), 2015
photo on transparent acetate

the artist elects interlacing and transparency as key elements of his signature style. and he uses them to suggest directions, to give tools to possibly understand reality, viewing art as active, vital and alive, sharing. a conception of “art” that leads back to Beuys' one: “art as a global experience, total process of individual regeneration and liberation”. the artistic, peculiar gesture the Biella artist carries out while defining identity starts right from his native land traditions. piana interweaves macroscopic canvases starting from printings on transparent acetate. the photos show the embrace between two naked feminine and masculine bodies (one of the subjects is necessarily and responsibly the artist himself). they are cut with thorough precision into warps and woofs, then interlaced on the shell of the frame. the result is the coexistence of both genres, in the encounter with the other, that is only possible when the vague nature of borders between our very man and women part gets acknowledged in our selves.

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