Garcia Fraile Sneakers turchese

Garcia Fraile Sneakers turchese

Sculpture, Minimal, Ideas, Textile, 100x200x6cm
This work is a tribute to contemporary artist Chus Garcia Fraile.
The work is available at the Arturarte Gallery of Nepi (VT).
The habit of taking on the works of known or, more often, unknown authors, becomes a quotation rather than an imitation or a copy in as much as Angelo’s works cannot be defined as false: they are entities in their own right; independent of the original. By way of quoting unknown authors to the public Angelo amplifies their work and by implication their fame.
Thus, the authenticity of an imitation which is almost identical to the original is no longer a priority as are the mechanisms employed by the one who created it. Often taking it apart, recreating it, rethinking it, in a word, personalising it, “I choose only those who can give me something.
N. Zandomenego 2004 (Taken from the catalog of the personal exhibition A MAN E'CIO 'ATTRACTS, Arturarte Gallery, Settevene, Nepi (VT) by Nori Zandomenego

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