Full Moon over Marseille Bay

Full Moon over Marseille Bay

Our most precious memories have little - if anything - to do with reason. Why do we climb that mountain? Because it is there. Because we can do it - or we want to find out if we can do it. To be alive is to cross borders - inner borders, external borders - rather than to follow rules and act as a functioning spare part of the big, mindless machine we have turned our world into. It serves no purpose to climb the cliffs of a calanque above the sea at night, in the moon light, except that it is a joyful experience, perhaps even a memory of growth. And unlike many other things we devote our time and effort to - as individuals, as a planetary species - I dare say our joy and our inner growth indeed are ends in themselves, something worth pursuing, even at a risk, even when there is no "material gain" involved. Especially BECAUSE there is no material gain involved!

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Stefan Thiesen
2 years ago
Stefan Thiesen Artist, Photographer, Journalist
Danke @robolotion. Die Kraft der Kontraste ist der Grund weshalb ich gerne in BW arbeite. Oft kommt das Wesentliche - Strukturen, hell-dunkel Unterschiede - besser zur Geltung, wenn der Betrachter nicht durch unendliche Farbschattierungen abgelenkt wird. Fokus durch Reduktion gewissermaßen.
2 years ago
robolotion Artist
Wow! Beeindruckende Kontraste, gelungene Komposition.
Man könnte es auch für eine Grafitzeichnung halten.

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