Fall falling over the Gardens of Versailles

Fall falling over the Gardens of Versailles

About technique:

This is a "3D" acrylic painting on wooden canvas. The colours are in line with the fall palette and the golden cut out leaves complete subtly the painting and allow the author to use the wall colour as negative space (basically any wall behind could be integrated in the painting). The texture was done with coarse gel.
This artwork is original and unique.

Message of the artwork:

Working as an artist has brought me into contact with a wealth of places of this world and introduced me to a vast range of different perceptions, ideas and traditions. My participation in these exchanges has profoundly affected the artworks that I have made. In addition, I feel the art helps me to become more tolerant and to identify more easily with the people outside. Art speaks to the soul, that being said art is a great gateway to positive changes and reconnection to our common humanity.

One of the biggest gifts of an artist is seeing beyond sight and sound. "Fall falling over the Gardens of Versailles" is not just a messy-elegant landscape depicting these famous gardens. When the château was built, Versailles was just a tiny village dating from the 11th century; today, however, it is a very wealthy suburb of Paris and one of the most visited places on the earth. Evolving with the château, the Gardens of Versailles represent one of the finest examples of the jardin à la française that exist. This is my example about how art can update communities and places. However, the world is currently facing a lapsing phase and the fall is approaching. Therefore we need more light to fight the darkness… If you choose to do nothing about this, at least find an artist who does good work and encourage him! We need armies of Sisyphus to push the boulders up the mountains. Artists, the time has come for the brave to rise up. Take your brush and disentangle the Gardens of Versailles!

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