una Donna sorride così quando...

una Donna sorride così quando...

Digital Photography, Erotic, Beauty, Sexuality, Nude, Digital, 70x100x3cm
Digital work by Andreas McMuller and available as a framework. Print on precious and specific photo paper for the image being viewed, applied on a 1cm PVC-cut panel or TopSec (where printing is embedded between a rigid support and 3 mm of crystalline plexiglass that enhances its contrast), in any case it can be framed at will but can be hanged as it is. The artist's ideal size is cm70x100 but can be both small and slightly enlarged. Limited print of 7 + 1 copies (+1 is the artist's copy for personal show in exhibitions and galleries); this strange and particularly limited edition has been decided because up to 8 copies a printed work is considered as an original and therefore has a higher value. Alternatively lithographs are available, which are considerably cheaper but not for the least. The printing of the paintings takes place in geologic times at a specialized workshop, specially chosen among many because it has very high quality standards: their artisans work calmly, carefully and (really) with whites. For any information or for the purchase send a message or write to andreasmcmuller@gmail.com

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Andreas McMuller
3 years ago
Teresa Palombini
3 years ago
Bello scatto, complimenti!

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