Antonelli città digitale

Antonelli città digitale

Digital Graphics, Architecture, Computer graphics, 120x70cm
This work is a tribute to contemporary artist Massimo Antonelli.

The imagination of others is the subject I choose for my paintings.
In 2002, I started the series of "citations" mostly by young artists, my models are the same painters, or rather the works they produce, their sensitivity and their research. I reproduce them, enlarge them, reduce them, produce them in series, with different techniques, more captivating and voluptuous.
In 2004 I made my first solo exhibition at the Arturarte gallery and later on I started a new series that can conceptually be called New Pop. The works canvas and vinyl padded portrays the paintings of other emerging artists.
With this work I intend to portray a new reality, a reality made up of a myriad of paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations created by a myriad of artists, painters, sculptors and photographers, with my works NEW POP ART"I am painting Imaginary of others.
The very same artist has become a serial product.

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