You and I as One (the painting "Moon" modified)

You and I as One (the painting "Moon" modified)

Painting, Love, Landscape, Feelings, Emotion, Oil, 65x65x2cm
A man and woman sit on top of a rocky hill, romancing and loving each other as they enjoy a sky lit with a bright full moon. Love lives and stems from our emotions. According to many philosophies, the moon rules our emotions the same way it affects the ocean through its gravitational pull. A full moon, as the one portrayed in the painting, intensifies such emotions, thus creating an ideal setting for love and romance to be expressed in a more profound way.
The sun and moon stand opposite to each other during a full moon. This creates a yin and yang effect between their energies. In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are perceived as opposite forces being complementary to one another rather than being incompatible, while forming a wholeness that becomes greater than the assembled parts. In the painting, in a similar symbolic way, a man and woman (each being half the soul of the other) have been shown to form oneness in love through interrelating with each other and by melting their differences. At a closer look through the moonlit setting, we see the man and woman wearing outfits of yellow and blue, along with red and green bands on their heads respectively. Yellow and blue, as well as red and green are complementary colors. The choice of such colors further emphasizes the notion mentioned earlier.

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Paul Brotherton
2 years ago
Paul Brotherton Artist, Designer
Lovely atmospheric composition and fascinating text....great!

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