Painting, Abstract geometrical, Oil, 100x70x3cm
The work in question is part of a cycle begun in 2007 and continues to do so.
The initial point of departure was the big bang or better to try to make the canvas a sense of burst of energy, of light.
With the passing of the years in the works it took over more and more a stylization of form, a search of essentiality and the search of a balance of composition, trying to preserve the sense of energy that erupts.
All the work is preceded by china drawing.
This work, like all the others, has no title, only a progressive number.
Since 2012, i have also started making blakìck and white canvas work to try to make the essence of the compositional scheme more important.
I have reduced the clor scale over time to become decorative and work with warm colors ( yellow, orange, red ) cool tones ( blue ) and black and white.

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