what a notion looks like

what a notion looks like

Creative considerations: Is there presence in absence? If a work is sparse, does that make more of a statement than an image full of detail? Similarly, at what point does less become more?

Perhaps when the whole has become other than the sum of the parts.

In which case, even as our Social Circles grow there will still be a need to consider what to include and what to leave out. That is, it may also be worth considering -

If you envisage something, make sure creating it is justified.
If you create something, make sure uploading it is warranted.
If you upload something, make sure sharing it is necessary.

With various thanks and apologies to Mies van der Rohe,
Kurt Koffka, Jason Schwartz and Yuval Noah Harari.

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Pen Pal Princess
1 year ago
With all 3 works I love the use of light and the source of that light. This object seems to glow and to change the environment in which it finds itself.
Patrick Smith
1 year ago
compliments..really well done example and interesting questions..I believe that, like phenomena in science, good art has emergent qualities..but defining them is very tricky. I would further your first part by asking the question that I've grappled with: at what point is a work finished?

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